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Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said this at the council’s monthly full board meeting.

“We have to take action by first working with the land office. The forfeiture can be carried out by the land office.

“The enforcement will serve as a warning for others not to neglect their properties,” said Mohd Aziz.

Councillors said the abandoned buildings and land were a nuisance to the neighbours as they attracted rodents and pests because of the overgrowth.

Such places, they said, also attract people looking for a convenient spot to offload waste illegally.

Councillor Sean Oon said the issue had been discussed at length over the years.

“However, the forfeiture never took place as the council’s health department often cited one excuse or another,” he said.

He said the health department had so far only issued caveat to 11 of the 600 houses.

“Even the caveat was not issued to all the affected units. The land office said forfeiture might be lengthy but it can be done. We should go ahead with the process,” he added.

Meanwhile, councillor Derek Fernandez said issuance of notice to forfeit the assets would encourage owners to take charge of their properties. He also encouraged the council to go ahead with the forfeiture plan.

MBPJ Health and Environment director Dr Chitra Davi N. Vadivellu said the department would work with the land office and proceed with the necessary action.

Commenting on the one-way-loop, the mayor said the council would analyse the findings of the placement of the divider in Jalan Timur.

This will be done after the trial period ends mid-March.

Currently, the divider prevents motorists coming from Federal Highway (Klang-bound) from entering the Amcorp Mall area.

Mohd Aziz said based on his observation when one road was blocked, it led to congestion for other parts.

However, he said that he would wait for feedback from the loop’s consultant once the trial run was over.

The mayor wants all building owners to ensure their visitors do not park on the one-way-loop pavements or block traffic.

He said MBPJ had carried out continuous enforcement at these locations.

“I urge non-governmental organisations, places of worship and business owners along the loop to engage with Rela officers in managing traffic when they have an influx of visitors.

“Organisations must inform the council when they have an event that will attract many visitors.

“We can also help them to monitor the traffic situation,” he added.
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