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A MONTH ago, part of Jalan 5/60, Petaling Jaya was resurfaced but it was a shoddy job and nearby residents noticed that asphalt from the resurfacing had spilled into the drains and had hardened.

Fraser Towers Residents Association (RA) chairman W.K. Chui said although he was grateful to Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) for the resurfacing effort, he was upset that it had not been done well.

Chui contacted StarMetro after recent stories on the residents and stakeholders’ concerns over the quality of building materials used by MBPJ contractors.

He said the drains had just been repaired and the hardened asphalt had clogged them up, defeating the purpose of the drains.

He added that the roads had also not been resurfaced properly and the manhole covers were either raised above the level of the asphalt or sunken into it.

“The uneven road surface could damage car tyre rims,” he said, calling for the road to be resurfaced evenly.

Chui also hoped the council would clear the walkways along the road that were covered by soil erosion.

“There are 248 units in Fraser Towers and residents are concerned over the uneven roads and the drains.

“The lack of maintenance had left the sidewalks unsuitable for use,” he said.

“The lower half of Jalan 5/60 was better maintained compared to the upper stretch leading to Fraser Towers,” he added.

This drain on Jalan 5/60 is almost completely covered with only leaving only a small hole after was resurfaced.
This drain on Jalan 5/60 is almost completely covered, leaving only a small hole after it was resurfaced. -Photos: CHAN TAK KONG/ The Star
Chui had sent five complaints to the council two weeks ago but received only an automated response each time.

After StarMetro informed area councillor Derek Fernandez on the issue, the asphalt was removed from the drains but the drain covers were not replaced properly, leaving the road surface uneven.

The issues with the manholes were also not resolved.

Fernandez said the shoddy job was unacceptable and he would raise the matter with the council.

On a different matter, a group of Kelana Jaya park-goers claimed they had complained to the council about a broken underground pipe, but the problem was not resolved.

“We were not even given a complaint number.

“We are upset that so much water had gone to waste over the past two months,” said G. Gabriel.

When StarMetro visited the site, water could be seen gushing out from the soil near the Kelana Jaya stadium’s ticket counter number nine.

At press time, MBPJ had not responded to enquiries on both problems.
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2016/04/29/shoddy-road-works-irk-residents-resurfacing-of-jalan-560-petaling-jaya-has-left-it-uneven-and-danger/#e0mzZ0gs6QUQBt6s.99

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