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Civil and Commercial Litigation/ Dispute Resolution

The firm’s expertise in civil and commercial litigation is wide and it includes (in alphabetical order) :

  • Accident and insurance claims; we have created landmark law in Malaysia, our partner argued case in court and obtained highest ever personal injury award in Malaysia.
  • Banking litigation inclusive advisory
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Defamation law (Slander and Libel)
  • Facility and security agreements, commercial disputes, restructuring exercises, vesting of assets, reduction of share capital, approval of compromise or arrangement between a company and its members, recourse for minority shareholders on issues of fraud on minority and oppression, margin financing
  • Family law, both contested and uncontested cases, custody of children, spousal and child maintenance. We act for many locally domiciled clients as well as foreigners whose marriages are registered overseas
  • Foreclosure proceedings, general and banking debt recovery inclusive winding up, bankruptcy and other enforcement proceedings;
  • Information technology and intellectual property claim
  • Land acquisition matters, leases and tenancies
  • Medical negligence
  • Probate, letters of administration and wills

Insolvency and Receivership

We have much experience in handling briefs pertaining to insolvency and receivership of corporations. Companies facing insolvency or receivership having sought our legal advice in this realm of law and with our legal assistance have successfully salvaged their companies to subsequently return to a firm footing.

Debt and Corporate Restructuring

We have assisted several ailing companies prior to and especially during the run-up to the 1997 economic downturn. Numerous proposals on debt and corporate restructuring exercises, appraisals on informal work-outs, schemes of temporary and permanent compromise through concerted mediation initiatives have been successfully adopted. Plans for capital reduction, re-capitalisation and rescue schemes, we are happy to note, have saved the day for many a corporate enterprise.

Banking and Finance

We are on the panel of several financial institutions and have advised these financiers in their various dealings with Malaysian and international clients. We prepare facility documentation for institutional borrowers in connection with all types of facilities and in matters relating to end financing for individual borrowers.

Arbitration and Mediation

One of our partners is a trained Mediator and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK). We have acted as counsel for major multinational corporations, in international and domestic arbitrations.

Probate, Letters of Administration and Wills

Our lawyers’ expertise in Malaysia involves contentious applications for probate and letters of administration ranging from fraud and contested wills to disputes involving distribution of assets and orders for sale pertaining to disposal of estate properties.

Conveyancing and Related Real Property Transactions

Our lawyers’ exposure to this area in Malaysia is wide. We attend to all forms of property transactions having represented international and Malaysian vendors as well as purchasers of residential and commercial buildings and for land conveyances. The firm also handles leases and tenancies and attends to loan and other documentation relating thereto.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

We have considerable experience in the information technology and communications law field, inter alia in providing advice on information technology agreements. Our lawyers advise on intellectual property matters and have amongst others handled applications for injunctions in respect of copyright and trademark infringements as well as provided assistance in intellectual property related registration applications.

Employment Law and Industrial Relations

One of our primary areas of practice is employment law and industrial relations. Our attorneys have successfully acted for employers with businesses in Malaysia as well as given advice in labour related disputes.

Criminal Law

Our Counsel is at hand to handle criminal defence briefs of diverse nature inclusive of cases where prosecutions are carried out by the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Anti-Corruption Agency, Royal Customs and Excise, Immigration, Employees Provident Fund Board, Road Transport, Health Ministry, the Forestry and Wild Life Departments and other statutory bodies. Our emphasis is on “white-collar” crimes. Our lawyers have been involved with several high profile criminal cases in Malaysia.

Corporate Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in work related to commercial, residential and industrial property development, support services, infrastructure, financing, land rights, project management and other regulatory and public policy issues.

Privatisation and Joint Venture Projects

Infrastructure requirements by local authorities such as of public utilities, power, water-works, transport and communications are given particular attention to better prepare our clients for their statutory commitments in their projects.

Advice on supply and maintenance responsibilities as required by the respective statutory bodies and local authorities are also rendered. First-time privatisation and joint-venture clients in particular, have found our advice invaluable.

Construction and Property Development

Our legal experience embodies building and construction projects in Malaysia, which includes advising on the legal requirements at the initial stage of planning, liaison with statutory bodies, environmental groups, the Malaysian Department of Environment especially on assessment reports of environmental impact studies, documentation drafting, financing and insurance.

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